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A warm welcome to Lotus Hifi. We offer a very carefully assembled portfolio of the very best in Highend Audio. Vinyl, CD and Streaming based sytems with an emphasis on a natural, fatigue-free sound which excels at the emotion, beauty and realism of musical replay as much as its sense of focus, drive and aliveness. Close and personal relations with a very high level of customer care characterise the way we do business.


Get intimate and personal with the brands I sell. My blogs run you through the key products from different manufacturers and give you all the background info and an idea of what to expect sonically.


Please feel free to browse our ever changing repository of quality used Hifi procured from part exchanges. Every used piece we stock has been extremely well cared for and passes all our quality control requirements. All items come with a minimum 3 month return to base warranty, a statutory cooling off period and our usual robust level of aftersales support.

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Conrad Johnson 18LS Sim Audio MOON 340i Whest PS.30r Phonostage VERTEX AQ various ! WILSON DUETTE

Keep up with the latest news here at Lotus. Product launches, Reviews, equipment blogs and the latest desireable arrivals to come onto store and home demo. If you are social media savvy and wish to stay in touch with even more news and developments then also consider liking us on facebook and following us on twitter from the links top right.

A host of exciting New Products at ENTREQ
October 2015

Entreq are on fire ! Their unique system grounding has taken off like crazy in the UK. Back in Sweeden they have not been resting on their laurels however but developing their technologies to new and unchartered depths.

In my blog read about the New Athena Rack system, Amplifier speaker grounding and the Poseidon and Olympus series and about two other new devices, Optimus and Receivus.

Introducing the bargain VITUS RCD-101 CD Player/Dac
September 2015

The SACD/DSD ready RCD-101 packs a huge punch at £7990. This is one of the newest, most modern and up to date products from Vitus and more CD player/Dac than most people will ever need. Incredible performance and as ever, designed for long term musical satisfaction with the alluring and intoxicating sound that this Danish highend brand is known for the world over. If you are looking for flagship digital source up to about £15,000 then the RCD commands your immediate investigation. Read all the inside details on my Vitus Audio blog.


LIFE AFTER NAIM ? A guide to moving to Vitus Audio
August 2015

This has been a long time coming and hopefully it will save a lot of weekly repetition on the telephone ! A comprehensive guide about upgrading from a Naim system to VITUS AUDIO, something that I have done for dozens of customers in the first year of dealership with this wonderful Danish Highend brand.

Read up about why it's such an effective and successful movement for Naim owners looking for something more. Read up on the wallet-friendly financial side, the logistics and cable/speaker tips, and what delights you can expect to take place in your living room if you do make the jump, all backed up by customer testimonials.


The Amazing EXOGAL Comet DAC comes to Lotus
August 2015

This amazing little budget DAC (£2100 and from the original Wadia people) so impressed me that I had to stock it here for my customers. With a good transport or an Aurender plugged in, it gets suprisingly close to our £10,000+ setups. Read all the rave reviews of this exciting new product on the marketplace. Simply call for a home loan or demo. Pricing and details here.

"This is a combination that can stand shoulder to shoulder with digital’s giants like complete multi-box players from dCS, CH Precision, Esoteric, Metronome, and Nagra." Alan Sircom, Hifi+


HIFI Pig reviews the Allnic £4995 T1500 300b integrated
August 2015

A very high score for the Allnic SET integrated amp over at Hifi Pig.

"Overall spec on paper might not be mouthwatering, but the performance certainly was. With a name that could come from America the Allnic had muscle and grunt that could well originate from the new world. This product was priced well to provides great competition to any valve amplifier made anywhere. Playing Tolga Kashif’s ‘The Queen Symphony’ track 3 cello and violin solos gave realism and naturalness in a way that many amplifiers cannot do whilst being fed from a DAC."

Read the full rview here


HIFIWIGWAM reviews the £6500 Allnic T2000 integrated ampd
August 2015

A fabulous review of the KT150 shod allnic push pull integrated by kevin Fiske.

Kevin writes "The Allnic T2000 integrated push-pull tube amplifier has been a real breath of fresh air. It is one of only a very few products I’ve had here for audition in the last two years that has not given me a single moment of anxiety ..... (I) award it an unreserved and very enthusiastic recommendation. It is a real belter of a product."

Read the full rview here


Long awaited Allnic speaker cables arrive in the UK
July 2015

The hotly anticipated Allnic Speaker cables arrive in the UK.

Introducing the mid range ZL-3000 with some very unique manufacturing specs. Kang Su Park never follows the crowd ! I gather the welding machine he is using to make these wires can only be operated at night as it takes down half the grid at Gangam.

We will be trialling these cables ourselves and also beta testing them with various customers who run full Allnic systems. Stand by for prices and a full launch.


Aurender launch the N10 highend music server
June 2015

The N10 replaces the recently discontinued S10 in the Aurender range. Featuring a vast array of digital outputs, 4TB internal storage, 240gb solid state cache for playback and the first and only device to support on-the-fly precision DSD to PCM conversion by FPGA, the N10 sits just below the flagship W20 which was recently compared favourably by Chris Thomas to the £25,000 DCS Vivaldi transport.

Here at Lotus I have had amazing success with the little X100 so far, for me the first streamer to convincingly produce a completely natural, non-mechanical sound to rival a top end transport from the likes of Vitus, CEC, Metronome etc. I expect the N10 to sell similarly well albeit in smaller quantities. Simply get in touch for a demonstration or home loan. Full mouthwatering spec here: Aurender N10


Allnic AUT2000 setp up in HIFI+
April 2015

A very nice review in Hifi plus magazine for the little Allnic AUT-2000 step up transformer. A big upgrade for most phonostages.

"The AUT‑2000 lets both cartridge and phono stage do their respective jobs without getting in the way, and the more you listen, the more you realise just how important that ‘do no harm’ approach really is."

Allnic T2000 with Tung Sol KT150
March 2015

The £5995 T2000 push pull integrated amp was always a David amongst Goliaths but the amp has enough voltage headroom to run the exciting new Tung Sol KT150 tube and the result is nothing short of spectacular. A whopping sonic upgrade, this unit really is now quite staggering for the asking price. Wide open with great bass, a beautiful mid, Allnic's amazing way with space and just so full of life and realism. On demo and home loan exclusively at Lotus.


Vitus RD100/RS100 Review
february 2015

This fabulous review from PartimeAudiophile deserves special mention. A wonderfully detailed exposition on all things Vitus and a lucid insight into the entry RD100 Dac/preamp and RS100 power amp models. Well written and well worth your time.


My Brinkmann Blog is live
february 2015

The Brinkmann Oasis and Balance are here and the newly released Spyder will follow soon. read my Brinkmann blog for all the latest news and an in depth look at the entire range of turntables and tonearms.


Transfiguration Phoenix S reviewed
February 2015

The £1995 Phoenix S moving coil has been given a great review by Jason kennedy in HiFi +

"I get it now. I understand why Transfiguration does not need a website. When you make cartridges that are this good, the world will come to your door."

CT1-Ultimate speaker cables
February 2015

Newly landed at LOTUS, Rick Schultz's new low resistance version of the HighFidelity Cables CT1-Ultimate speaker cables.

Rick performs substantial burn in of these at the factory and so straight out of the box here they sounded fabulous. Now a very big jump up from the Enhanced version with incredible clarity, width, depth and naturalness, these are supremely low distortion. If you are looking for the ultimate in transparency, neutrality and naturalness then look no further.

LOTUS winter 2015 newsletter
January 2015

A happy new year to everyone. With a chock full 12 months behind us and exciting times ahead, here's a full rundown of all my news.


November 2014

Multi award-winning STILLPOINT isolation products been a staple ingredient of the Lotus demo room for some time now and they have quickly become a no-brainer additional purchase for customers buying new Speakers and Electronics here. On home demos in pre-existing systems they are similarly giving a performance lift far far larger than their retail prices would suggest.

Here at Lotus Stillpoints join Highfidelity Cables, Entreq and Pro Audio Bono to complete a very powerful collection of solutions for system dressing, support and enhancement and ultimately getting the very best from your equipment.


Introducing the Allnic STEP UP
November 2014

Great things come in little packages. Introducing the ALLNIC STEP-UP here in the UK. Priced at £1395 and packing a seriously heavyweight performance punch, technology from the mighty H3000 phono and a hewn-from-granite high quality finish. Available for demo and home loan at LOTUS.


LOTUS appointed UK Brinkmann dealers
October 2014

I am very happy to announce that Lotus are now dealers for Brinkmann Audio. Brinkmann turntables are already very well established and respected here in the UK. As well as top flight sonic performance, they also offer fantastic aesthetics, exemplary build quality and engineering, and of course one of the most helpful and likeable guys in the industry holding the fort, Helmut Brinkmann. All of these things mean that this German highend brand fits very well alongside my existing portfolio.


The VITUS Masterpiece DAC @ LOTUS
September 2014

For those of us wishing to operate at the very top level of what's currently possible, Vitus's flagship digital source is now on demo and home loan. What does it offer when placed in a high transparency, low distortion system ? Read more on my Vitus blog.


New products announced from VITUS
September 2014

Its an exciting time for the Danish brand. We have a brand new reference level RCD-101 CD player/Dac, massively upgraded from the outgoing model and very keenly priced at £7990 by the UK importers. Also the new SM-011 Signature monos and the mouthwatering 125kg Masterpiece Stereo power amp ... comes in avery large crate complete with a full time Chiropractor !

Read more on my Vitus blog.


Allnic D5000 DHT DAC arrives !!!
August 2013

The long wait for Allnic's foray into digital is over. The D5000 DHT DAC is now in the UK. A handful of pre-orders, an orderly queue for home demos and a major UK review planned, it's expected that this ground breaking design from Kang Su Park will become Allnic's biggest seller and make a pretty bold statement in the world of digital music.

The D5000 does all the Hifi stuff VERY well, certainly way way better than the £8995 pricetag would suggest, but better still, it does it all in the most unmechanical lifelike way and is so very tuneful ... it rocks, groove, boogies and swings in a manner that is rare at any point in the market.

August 2013

LOTUS launches the website customer gallery. A fun sneek peek into many of my great customers.

I know its not everyone's cup of tea but if you would like to be included please just email me a few pictures.

August 2013

LOTUS took delivery of a new pair of demo Indra today. I ordered these in the lovely Walnut Cluster Burl. Not only my favourite finish but ignoring the Time for a second, the Indra are possibly my favourite speaker in the range too.

A significant step on from the Transcendant, crossover technology from the mighty Isis and overall a stunningly holographic sound with one of the most engaging and "see through" midranges I have ever heard in a speaker. "A majestic electrostatic in a box"..

On demo and home loan @ Lotus, priced from £22,800

LOTUS now retailing the full range of AURENDER music servers
August 2014

To complement our Vitus and Allnic DACs, Lotus are now able to offer a one stop highend streaming solution that can rival the world's best transports and CD players. The Aurender devices are complete music servers with Terrabytes of storage and solid state caches for jitter free, noisless playback of the very highest quality. Couple that with exceptional build quality, functionality and fabulous software and you can see why Aurender are leading the way in highend streaming.


LOTUS presents the £14,995 Allnic A5000 DHT SET mono amps
July 2014

Now on home or on site demo, the wonderful flagship Allnic A5000 direct heated triode 300B amps. a Deeply impressive amp which must be considered at this sort of level and price range. Beautifully expressive with an enormous sound, Art Dudley's parting shot for Stereophile went something like this:

"It's a fine, fine amplifier, and its departure from my home won't please me at all."


Vitus SCD-025 - Review by Chris Thomas
July 2014

The verdict from Hifi Plus magazine:

"It is quite simply the best single-box CD player/DAC that I have heard to date."

Download the full PDF of this fabulous review here.

Devialet and Entreq - a very happy marriage
June 2014

Good news for Devialet owners. Read more on my Entreq blog.


Vitus SCD-025 Signature DAC/CDP
June 2014

Introducing the Signature class dac/cd player here at Lotus for in-store or home demo, Vitus's claim to the world's best single box player.

Read more on my Vitus blog.


Entreq at LOTUS HiFi
May 2014

I am very pleased to announce the exciting Swedish brand Entreq as the latest addition to the Lotus portfolio. Along with High Fidelity Cables and Pro Audio Bono anti vibration products I now have a hugely compelling and complete range of system dressing for all customers.

Click here to read my Entreq blog. Full pricing here.

*** Blog updated 15 May 2014 ***

Introducing the Durand KAIROS
May 2014

An exciting new unipivot tonearm from Joel Durand will debut at Munich. This gorgeous piece will be competitively priced in the fast moving world of tonearms at £4995. We hope to have a demo here at Lotus very soon. Click here for full details.

Vitus SIA-025 Class A Integrated
April 2014

The magnficent £18,500 Vitus Integrated has arrived at Lotus. Quite possibly the stand out showstopper in the enture Vitus range. Read more about this muti-award winning piece on my blog.

"The easiest way to describe the sound of the SIA-025 is it sounds like real music."

Vitus RI-100 300wpc Integrated
March 2014

The £9500 Vitus Integrated has arrived at Lotus. Read more about this muti-award winning piece on my blog.

"Good enough for speakers 10 times the price! "The RI-100 is without compromise from any possible perspective or listening criteria."

Vitus RD-100 on demo
March 2014

The stunning £8500 Vitus DAC/Preamp is here. This is true highend digital with a stunning linestage as well. A gorgeous sound .... rich, holographic but full of life, rhythmic and massively dynamic. Read more in my Vitus blog here.

LOTUS appointed UK dealer for VITUS
March 2014

Its been a long old road choosing a solid state line to fit in with my ethos but finally in the premium Danish brand VITUS, I have found what I was looking for.

I am very excited to have been awarded UK dealership and know that Lotus customers will adore the exceptional world class performance and amazingly natural sound of this remarkable range of electronics. Read the full story here.


HiFi Wigwam review the Allnic L1500
February 2014

James Palmer from the popular HifiWigwam website has a revelatory experience with the baby in Allnic's preamp lineup:

"What a joy being this in touch with music is"

"Oh yes, there’s an L3000 and L5000 DHT to really bust your bonus on, so you may sit there wondering – 'if this is this good, what must the next one up sound like” – expensive hobby this.'"

LOTUS presents the £5995 T2000 Integrated
January 2014

I am very excited to offer the Allnic T2000 integrated amplifier for demonstration and home loan to customers. This is a 70 wpc push pull design and feauture packed with pre outs, triode mode, power amp mode, 8 and 4 ohm output, 4 single ended and 1 balanced input. Like all Allnic pieces this integrated has reviewed exceptionally well and represents simple Highend at low prices. A lot beefier than its rating woudl suggest, this amp is dynamic, highly coherent with bags of musicality and Allnics great way with texture, space and overall naturalness.


LOTUS presents the £4396 L1500 linestage
January 2014

I am very excited to offer the Allnic L1500 linestage for demonstration and home loan to customers. This is the first rung on the Allnic preamp ladder and like all KS Park's creations, this unit offers superlative performance and value at the quoted RRP. Wonderfully detailed yet fluid, highly transparent, gorgeous texture and of course Allnic's fabulous way with space, this is a hell of a musical piece at a very affordable price. Recently upgraded too with transformer technology from the reference L3000 so the L1500 is even more dynamic than previous glowing reviews would suggest. Simply get in touch to hear this great piece, I am booking slots after it comes back from a HifiWigwam review in early february.


Allnic H1201 reviewed by Enjoy the Music
January 2014

A Happy New Year to all customers and visitors passing through. We kick 2014 off with a wonderful article by Enjoy The Music, some fascinating insights into the genius behind Allnic Audio KS Park and some great comments on the H3000 and H1201 phono preamps.


November 2013

Rick Schultz's cables have been doing so well in the first 4 weeks here in the UK. I have had an almost 100% hit rate from home demos so far. The only person who didn't buy still said they were the best cables he'd ever heard by a long way but wasn't quite in funds.

The Ultimate Interconnect and full range of Speaker cables are here now and regardless of how much money or whatever you currently own, I implore you to give these a listen. Siltech, Kubala, Chord, Transparent, Audience, Crystal, MIT, Cardas, Nordost... whatever. This is a totally new technology that opens up a world of performance which is just not possible with the very limited parameters of existing cable tecnhology. In some of my customers systems the CT1 have been fairly easily usurping some of the most well regarded and most expensive cables the UK market has ever seen.

These things are like going from a 2k to a 8k preamp, a £500 to a £2500 cartridge .... dramatic performance gains in ALL areas (clarity, precision, timing, resolution, soundstaging, timbre, texture, naturalness, nuance etc.) rather than some mild gains at the expense of certain losses. I will leave you with some recent customer comments: Hifiwigwam


Midland Audio appointed dealer for High Fidelity Cables
September 2013

Midland Audio Exchange in Belbroughton, just outside B'ham, have been appointed as a UK dealer for Rick Schultz's High Fidelity cables.

John Roberts is highly respected in the industry and has probably heard every decent wire that's ever passed through the UK. He needed less than half a day's listening to sign himself up and invest in the brand. "A cable revelation" he called them. John found that the HFC interconnects work extremely well with all his brands, from Lavardin, Nagra to Audio Research and Naim. If you are near the Midlands then feel free to pop into John for a listen.

October 2013

With so much activity of late at the end of a very busy and properous year, it seemed a fitting time to collect all the latest happenings in one newletter. Published here online for your own perusal.


Lotus Hifi are now dealers for Joel Durand
October 2013

LOTUS are now the sole UK dealer for Joel Durands incredible range of tonearms. On demo we have the stunning Talea II with the Telos to follow next year and some other exciting new products from Joel in 2014 including his new record weight.

The Talea II is an exquisite performer and a natural partner for the low compliance Allnic Puritas moving coil. It is offered here at Lotus as an alternative to the Reed 3p.


Allnic H3000 reviewed at HifiWigwam
Sept 2013

The good people at the popular UK hifi forum HIFI WIGWAM have reviewed the revelatory H3000 phono. Dominic, an existing satisfied H1500II owner for some 3 or 4 years now, was suitably impressed. Some of his test records that have for the last decade been endlessley carted from show to show, bakeoff to hifi dealer, simply sounded the best he had ever heard.


High Fidelity Cables at LOTUS HIFI
Sept 2013

Well I didn't take much convincing. These products sell themselves and live up to all the hype. I am very proud to announce that Lotus Hifi are now the UK Importer and Distributor for Rick Schultz's line of ingenious High Fidelity interconnects, tonearm cables and speaker cables. UK prices to be released very soon, these will represent good value compared to buying new boxes. Contact me today for a home trial.


Chord SARUM vs. High Fidelity CT-1
Sept 2013

I really dislike focusing on cables or even having to buy them. I have heard plenty though, from £8 offerings from Maplins to eye watering priced affairs from the likes of MIT and Transparent.

That said, the CT-1 I have been trialling is the first premium cable I've heard that's worth bothering about. All the buzz across the web and in the reviews about this interconnect is fully justifed and I am very excited about this amazing new line from Rick Schultz. In this comparison it comprehensively smashes the popular £1400 Chord offering in a familiar Linn + Naim 500 system.


H5000 DHT !!!
Sept 2013

I am very proud to present in the UK for the first time, K.S. Park's new Reference Phono stage. The £22,995 H5000 is a 2 chassis, direct heated Triode, transformer coupled LCR unit, the very frontiers of Kang Su's ability and Allnic's contender for the crown as the best phono the world has ever seen.

I won't even begin to try and get into what this magnificant piece does but suffice to say that I have simply never heard vinyl like this, in any system, anywhere or at any price. If you are serious about vinyl playback and invested to this sort of level then the H5000 demands your investigation and is awaiting to completely seduce and overwhelm your soul.

This unit is soon to be despatched to Roy Gregory for a very in depth review. Customer demonstrations available winter 2013.



AllnicH1201 reviewed at HifiWigwam
July 2013

The very nice people at the popular UK hifi forum HIFI WIGWAM have just published an extremely positive review of the giant slaying Allnic H1201 Phono stage. The review has sparked a couple of immediate sales and many more are sure to follow as the 1201 is incredible value for money, and can compare favourably with preamps which cost up to £4000 or £5000.


June 2013

I am extremely proud to announce that LOTUS are now agents for the world class range of louspeakers from Avalon Acoustics. We now have the Avalon IDEA on permanent demonstration (recently hailed as the best £20,000 speaker for £8000 !) and also the revelatory new COMPAS. All the models in the range however can be demonstrated on site or in the comfort of your own home and system.


ALLNIC 's HA3000 head amp is now here.
28th May 2013

Its difficult to imagine what is beyond the world class H3000 phono stage but Mr. KS Park's Nuvistor tubed head amplifier does indeed take it to far greater heights. This isn't gilding the lilly but a whole new rewrite of what you thought possible from Vinyl. The sense of power, aliveness and realism when using the HA3000 in place of the phono stage's regular step-up transformers is gobsmacking. Every note seems pressurised and directly hard wired to your brain. A gigantic boundless sound that gives a whole new level of immediacy, presence, dynamics, purity and realism. Never before in any system, have my records sounded so 'there', so completely palpable and immediate. If you are using the H1500, H3000 or any half decent phono, the HA3000 is a must hear. Contact me for demonstration or home loan.


ALLNIC meets Well Tempered, Dynavector, Shahinian - A day with Jason Hector
22nd May 2013

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with ex Hifi+ reviewer Jason Hector, slotting the Allnic H1201 and H3000 phono stages into his system.


17th May 2013

The wonderful new flagship from Transfiguration is now here on demo. The Proteus moves things on consdierably from the much loved Orpheus and is most definitely one of the best carts I have ever heard. This is a must if you are looking for a world class moving coil. A LOT cheaper than an Atlas as well and worthy rival.


PAB Rack reviewed by Jimmy Hughes
12th May 2013

The Pro Audio Bono equipment rack has been given a glowing review in Hifi + magazine by Jimmy Hughes.

"Suddenly I could hear all kinds of subtle things - soundstaging depth and expressive voal/instrumental inflections - that make the experience of listening deeper and more satisfying. At the same time, the overall musical presentation seemed smoother and more relaxed - more engaging and listenable."

A giant slayer amongst sub $10,000 stages !
27th march 2013

Dagogo have published a fantastic review of the new Allnic H1201 phono preamp. The review makes some very surprising and extremely encouraging comparisons to the reference H3000 phono (at less that a quarter of the price !), and indicates very clearly that the performance of this new baby 1201 far exceeds the old 1200 unit.

Allnic H1201 Phono Demo has landed !
19th march 2013

Our demo of the new baby H1201. This is the new £1995 RIAA phono stage from Allnic Audio Labs built to replace the highly successful H1200, offering greater flexibility and higher level of performance. So good that it's performance rivals units many times it's price. Call today for a listen or a home loan of this beautiful new piece from KS Park.

Lotus Appointed UK dealer for Pro Audio Bono 14th march 2013

We are proud to be dealers for the fabulous range of anti vibration and isolation products from PAB. Having trialled these products for well over a year now, we are sure you will be as impressed as we are. Fine looks and clever engineering that most definitely brings about significant benefits but not at prohibitive, inappropriate costs.

Reed 3p Tonearm now on demo 13th march 2013

We have a beautiful 10.5 inch Reed 3p on demonstration with Cocobolo arm wand. After graduating through a number of highend arms the Reed is now the firm favourite with a stunningly musical sound, ever so slightly warm and all about the coherent musical whole rather than the parts. Get in touch to hear this stunning tonearm.

Allnic Phonostages and Cartridges 11th march 2013

The amazing range of Allnic electronics has been added to the website along with full specifications and pricing. Please see the 'Products' section and simply get in touch for listen or an extended home demonstration in the context of your own system.


Lotus appointed UK agents for Allnic Audio

We have been appointed UK agents for the stunning range of Allnic products with a full 2 year warranty.


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